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Supply Chain Consulting and Optimization

We help small and medium size businesses optimize their supply chain through leaner manufacturing, improved inventory planning and forecasting, distribution and network optimization, and the selection and implementation of technology solutions to unlock the next level of growth.

Welcome to RSN19 Consulting

Through our proven phased and parallel approach, RSN19 Consulting will help reduce lost sales by 10%, reduce inventory holding costs by 15%, and improve forecast accuracy by 10% giving your profitability a significant boost.


Does your business need an ERP or MRP system but you feel overwhelmed at the thought of the implementation?  RSN19 will help you select the right system, ensure the requirements are captured, define the scope, and keep the project on-time and budget.

We also focus on distribution network optimization and strengthening your demand planning and forecasting by connecting it to your procurement and sourcing processes to eliminate disruptions across your supply chain.

Success Stories

Working with RSN19 Consulting was critical to the success of our MRP implementation.  RSN19 proved to be a key piece of the puzzle and helped keep our team focused on the tasks at hand.  RSN19 supported us in requirements gathering, building the RFP, interviewing vendors, selecting the final vendor, training, change management and overall project management.  RSN19's dedication to the project and the value of his one-on-one training sessions helped our team quickly learn the new way of working.  I have no doubt that we would not have been successful and stayed on-time with the project had RSN19 not been a part of the project team.

CA Manufacturer

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