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My Background 


I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at San Diego and continued my education with a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Southern California.



I am Six Sigma Greenbelt certified with a focus on business process optimization.



I started my supply chain journey with an extensive 18 year career at NBC Universal in the home entertainment division of the film studio.  Over those 18 years, my areas of responsibilities included inventory management and forecasting, demand planning, ERP and forecasting system implementations, international assignments, business intelligence including reporting and analytics, warehouse management, master data, and distribution.


In 2018, I joined the legal cannabis industry where I quickly developed a deep understanding for the entire cannabis value chain including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.  My focus included strategic sourcing, procurement, purchasing, contract manufacturing management, compliance, inventory management, and distribution.


Today, I help clients in multiple industries design and build scalable supply chains so they can establish a strong operational foundation.  The critical element in this process is unleashing the power of data and migrating to a data driven decision making framework.  My functional specialties include demand planning and forecasting, ERP implementation, sourcing, procurement, master data, and purchasing.

Who I Help

Cannabis and CPG companies who are looking to establish a strong operational foundation through their people, process, and technology.

How I Do It

An approach based on 22 years of experience and proven processes to meet your needs and objectives.

What's in It for You

A best in class supply chain and operational center of excellence for your business.

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