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RSN19 Consulting offers supply chain consulting and optimization services focused on three primary areas: ERP and WMS Implementations, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, and Demand Planning and Inventory Management


ERP & WMS Implementation

Looking to install or upgrade your current ERP?  RSN19 Consulting can help you document business process and requirements, construct your requirements document, interview potential vendors and evaluate the best option.  RSN19 Consulting will also support the implementation and ensure timelines are met and the project stays under budget.


Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

RSN19 Consulting will arm your Procurement team with a data driven model to effectively negotiate with vendors and achieve significant savings vs today’s spend.  Need a new purchasing and procurement system?  We can help with that too by documenting your team’s needs and creating requirement documents to evaluate potential vendors.


Demand Planning & Inventory Management

 Synthesize your demand and tap into the power for forecasting and planning by utilizing forecasts to drive supply side decisions including the management finished goods and raw material stock.  Take the art of the process and rely on science to give you the confidence to increase sales and reduce excess inventory.